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Board of Directors
LI Changjin
LI Changjin (Chairman and Executive Director), professor level engineer, is Executive Director, Chairman, Secretary to the CPC Committee, Chairman of ... +Detail
ZHANG Zongyan
ZHANG Zongyan (Executive Director and President), professor level engineer, is Executive Director, President, Deputy Secretary to the CPC, Chairman of... +Detail
ZHOU Mengbo
ZHOU Mengbo (Executive Director),?professor level engineer, is Executive Director and Deputy Secretary to the CPC of CREC。 +Detail
ZHANG Xian (Executive Director), professor level engineer, is Executive Director and a Standing Member of the CPC of CREC。 +Detail
GUO Peizhang
GUO Peizhang (Independent Non-executive Director), senior economist, is Independent Non-executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee ... +Detail
WEI Baoman
WEN Baoman (Independent Non-executive Director), senior engineer , is Independent Non-Executive Director of CREC and Outside Director of China Telecom... +Detail
ZHENG Qingzhi
ZHENG Qingzhi (Independent Non-executive Director), senior accountant, is Independent Non-Executive Director as well as Chairman of the Audit and Risk... +Detail
MA Zonglin
MA Zonglin (Non-executive Director), senior engineer, is Outside Director of State-owned Enterprises and Chairman of China Electric Power Planning & E... +Detail
CHUNG Shui Ming Timpson
CHUNG Shui Ming Timpson (Independent Non-executive Director), is member of the 10th to 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consu... +Detail

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