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Successful listing of H Share of China Railway Group Limited
Source: Date:2007年12月19日

In the morning of December 7th, the Listing Ceremony of China Railway Group Limited was held grandly in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Guoli and Wang Bingxin, the Vice-director of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, Zhuli, the Vice-president of China Enterpreise Association of Hong Kong, Chairman Shi Dahua, President Li Changjin and senior management Gao Shutang, Bai Zhongren, Zhang Qinglin, Wang Taiwen, Xin Dinghua, Li Jiansheng, Mali and Yu Tengqun of China Railway Group Limited attended the ceremony. Moreover, the attendants also had the chairman Xia Jiali and the executive director Zhou Wenyao of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the representatives from the joint managers and joint sponsors of BOC International, JP Morgan, UBS Investment Bank and ABN?AMRO Rothschild. 

At 9:50, senior management of China Railway Group Limited walked into the transaction hall. Chairman Shi Dahua made an ebullient speech on behalf of our company. He said ”Today is an important day, symbolized our company steps to a new development period. A share of China Railway Group Limited has been listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 3rd. Today, being four days later, we are listing here in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. It is the first Chinese enterprise which listed A Share first and followed by H Share. The initial public offering of China Railway Group Limited was well received among institutional and public investors. The Hong Kong public offer resulted in an over-subscription of about 209 times, and the proceeds being locked up by the initial public offering was over HK$ 400 billion, one of the companies which locked-up the largest amount of cash from the IPO in Hong Kong. “
Chairmen Shi Dahua expressed his thanks to government agencies, society from all walks of life, facilitating agencies, commercial partners, and company staffs for their supports and help. He said China Railway Group Limited as the biggest construction group in China and Asia has established the leadership position in the industry. Being the World Top 500 enterprise, we had the solid foundation. Riding on the persistent growth of the Chinese and world economies, industrialization and urbanization will continue to advance and we will be able to grasp the business opportunities and grow continuously.

Under the good market atmosphere and well receiving among investors, the open price of H share of China Railway Group Limited was HK$ 6.80, which was 17.65% higher than the subscription price of HK$5.78. The share price continued to rise and reached the highest price of HK$7.50 during the day. The share price performance of China Railway reversed the recent phenomenon that share prices of certain newly listed stocks fall below their offer prices with its share price closed at HK$7.36, 27.3% higher than the offer price with trading turnover recorded HK$14.755 billion. China Railway was one of the most active stocks in Hong Kong since its listing.

The IPO of H Share of China Railway Group Limited received widespread attention from the society from all walks of life and the media in Hong Kong. During the period in Hong Kong, Chairman Shi Dahua and President Li Changjin have performed interviews with South China Morning Post, economic daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Wenhui Daily, Phoenix TV and Business Week. On the day of the listing or the following day, the listing news of China Railway Group Limited was widely reported in lots of media in Hong Kong. 

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